About us

LCP s. r. o. is a company specialising in international B2 B and B2C Telecom services. The business was set up back in 2005 and is based in Prague, the Czech Republic right in the very heart of Europe.

ABC Telecom currently ranks as the market leader with over 50 international premium rate solutions available. This enables us to offer charging solutions to 150 countries.

Boasting a multi-lingual team (conversant in 10 different languages), we are able to offer specific and bespoke solutions to each and every client wherever they are.

We also have the capacity to lend our marketing and technical expertise to a total of 500 resellers (content providers) all over the world. In light of this advanced technical and marketing know-how, our customers can also rely on us to provide assistance 7 days a week always at the ready to handle any situation.

Owing to international contracts signed with Tier1 carriers, we are in a position to release new premium rates solutions every single month.

Examples of ways we can help include looking together to find the best premium rate solution for market advertising campaigns as well as providing a bespoke IVR application available in a number of different languages.

Above all thanks to online stats available at the touch of a button anytime anywhere, customers can check out outcomes from their marketing campaign in real time.

For more information about our company, why not get in touch or check us out on FACEBOOK.

LCP is also constantly looking for new opportunities and in 2013 became one of the main share holders of Uplike.com, voted Start Up of the year 2013 at the international trade show ICT Europe.

Our services

Consultline.coma service dedicated to consultants around the world who can be paid for receiving calls on their dedicated Consultline number offered by LCP s.r.o.

My Secret Numberis a new service which offers anyone the possibility to pick up a free telephone number called MySecretNumber and have all calls received on their Secret Number forwarded to their mobile phone.